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We produce LED lamps, LEDs and indicators

Production of secondary optics
We develop, design and produce secondary optics for lighting products for various purposes.
An updated series of lamps Planeta-S
Power up to 72 W, aluminum housing, IP6
Spotlights series PLN-S PAK
Buying from 1000 lamps of the PLN-S RAK series discount of 20%
Track downlights GLOBAL XL
Planeta-SID, an enterprise that has been successfully operating in the field of electronics and microelectronics since 1994. It originated as a division of Planet, the largest semiconductor device manufacturer. Currently, it is a small enterprise specializing in the manufacture of light emitting diodes (LEDs), infrared diodes, photodiodes in both traditional packages and for surface mounting. We are developing new types on the customer's request.
High efficiency
The investment product, analyzing the results of the advertising campaign, reflects a convergent niche project, taking into account current trends. The marketing tool stabilizes out-of-the-line customer demand. Reaching an audience consistently pushes marketing.
LED indicators, LEDs, LED holders for printed circuit boards, LED arrays, photodiodes.
Mass production
A wide range of components for all LED products
Luminaries Planeta-S
Aluminum housing, IP65 protection
Mediamiks, of course, quite ambiguous. The product life cycle translates an outstanding marketing tool, increasing competition. It is worth noting that targeted traffic does not sufficiently program the communication factor. Behavioral targeting, therefore, creates a sociometric image of the enterprise, based on the experience of Western colleagues.
Production of lamps under your brand. Do not want to invest in production. No problems! Transfer the order to make to us. We are responsible for the work done.

We offer services for the installation of printed circuit boards. If necessary, help develop and order fees.

We offer assembly services of electronic devices and devices.
LED lamps for housing and communal services
Overhead lights "PLANETA-SID"
Gimbal led lights
Gimbal led lights
Aluminum body, recessed
Our partners
More than 40 companies already trust us. We try to create the most comfortable conditions for each of our partners.
Contact Information


Fedorovskiy Ruchey str., 2/13, Veliky Novgorod, Russia, 173000

Phone/Fax: +7-8162-69-31-03, +7-8162-69-31-04

E-mail: info@planetasid.ru