PLANETA Industrial luminaire is manufactured using patented technology. It is designed to achieve maximum energy savings. in the lighting of industrial facilities, domestic areas, cottages, construction sites, crosswalks, car dealerships, car washes and other applications where directional light is required.

In order to achieve maximum economy, the luminaire is equipped with optics forming a luminous flux with a clear boundary within the angle of radiation of 45 degrees. Due to the clear boundary of the light field, radiation losses outside the defined illumination area are minimized. Compared with standard LED spotlights, the efficiency of luminous flux is up to 3 times higher.

The luminaire is fully protected from the environment, so it can be used outdoors in all weather, and allows cleaning with a remote washer.

from 10 900 RUR


Input power 60-80 W
Luminous flux 4800-11 800 lm
Input voltage 230 V (AC)
IP Code IP67
Sensors built-in optical and motion sensor
Body material Aluminum, polycarbonate
Placement height 8-12 m
Beam angle 45°
Mounting suspended, overhead
Diffuser Transparent
Dimensions (LхWхH) ⌀54×1200 mm
Warranty 5 year

Areas of use

  • industrial lighting
  • illumination of adjacent areas, cottage plots
  • construction site lighting
  • lighting at crosswalks
  • lighting of car dealerships, car washes and other facilities where directional light is required