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Lighting housing

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LED luminaire PLN-S 390х105х83
Input Power 9-18 W
Light flow 1 110-2 220 lm
IP Code IP65
Beam angle 120°
Dimensions (LxWxH) 390 x 105 x 83 mm
from 620 RUR

LED anti-vandal lamp for use in the housing sector of the PLN-S 390 × 105 × 83 series. Samsung LEDs and a polycarbonate body ensure durable and safe operation, the softness of daylight and the aesthetics of the appearance give versatility for use in a wide range of applications.

It is equipped with both transparent and opal polycarbonate diffuser. The luminaire body is made of a shockproof, non-flammable ABS copolymer of gray color.